Offering students a music program built on an educational philosophy which defines a successful student as one who develops as a complete, well-rounded musician from the very beginning. This involves music reading and rhythm skills, music theory, creativity and ear training as well as technical and stylistic skills. The following policies help guide this philosophy.


Registration of students implies a year-long commitment. The year consists of 36 instructional weeks (late August'23 - mid-July'24). A written request must be received 30 days prior to the final lesson. If less than 30 days notice is given, students/parents will be responsible financially for one month beyond the last lesson.

Yearly tuition has been divided into monthly payments for your convenience (rather than number of lessons per month). If students choose not to study in the summer, a payment is required to maintain a spot for the next school-year.

Monthly tuition payments are DUE THE FIRST OF EACH MONTH. A late fee of $15 will be applied if the tuition is not paid by the second lesson of the month and lessons will cease until payment is made. There will be no make-ups for lessons missed as a result of late payment. Tuition payments are due in Sept.–July. Please contact for additional information.

A non-refundable fee of $30 will be paid with registration each year.

Music Purchases:

If music is purchased by the teacher, the students will be billed and reimbursement should be included with the monthly tuition payment.

Missed Lessons:

Your tuition reserves a regularly scheduled time for you each week. If you are unable to keep this time, no credit or refunds will be given. With advance notice (described below), ONE lesson may be made up per semester (during the built-in make-up week). Missed lessons by the instructor will be made-up.

In order for an absence to be excused and to receive the make-up lesson, please give notification (either by phone, text or email) by 10am the day of the absence with the reason for the absence. Make-up lessons will be given for illness and travel. Please do not send a child with a fever to a lesson.

Practice Expectations:

It is expected that a student will spend a minimum of 30min. at least 5 days/week (this does not include the lesson day) for those taking a 30min lesson. This time may be divided into sections each day if necessary. Remember, it is always Quality of practice over Quantity!

Photo/Video Release:

Occasionally, pictures and videos of my students may be used in studio publications or posted on my website.